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I’m really excited that we are launching Tactical Heroes worldwide on the iOS App Store tomorrow after close to 2 years of hard work. The game has been available in what we call soft launch in selected countries for about 4 months now and we have received great feedback from over 36.000 players that have helped us to fine tune it for this big launch.

We have had great reviews from the players about the game so far, as you can see its average rating is 4,4/5 from over 140 reviews in the past 30 days.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 18.01.53

Still you never know until you have fully launched so fingers and toes crossed. You can find the new launch trailer below as well as a link to the full press release. You can also install the game for free from this link.

If you like strategy games and in particular XCOM or are looking for a a game for your iPad that gives you a really interesting challenge, then you will like Tactical Heroes and I would be super thankful if you could try it and let me know what you think either here in the comments or on twitter @alexisbonte

If you are a friend from the press, you have full contacts and resources in the press release link and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have directly as well, just use this blog’s contact form to reach me.

You can see the Full press release and access marketing materials such as logos, screenshots etc from the eRepublik Labs webiste, here.


This is a presentation I did this morning at ICEX, the Spanish government org that helps Spanish companies develop abroad. My friend Isaac Martin Barbero who basically ambushed me last night at dinner into doing this to replace another speaker asked me if I could center it around failure. It is something I had already covered in a previous talk I do “building upon an idea”, but as I was doing this I realized that although I have had many failures over 17 years of being in start ups, many times I simply did not fail fast enough. One to remember and learn to do better.

Its really wonderful and humbling at the same time to see how communities can be formed spontaneously from game worlds like the ones we at eRepublik Labs all contribute to crafting every day and see them become something much bigger than just a game.

For me this makes all our efforts very worthwhile, much more than DAU’s, MAU’s, day 1 retention rates and DARPU’s :).

Crafting game worlds is about giving others a catalyst for fun and community. Thanks to the Erepindo community for reminding me of this.

Watching this from Boston for a game world created in Bucharest that has helped foster somehow this great community in Indonesia.

I don’t understand a word but they do seem to be having fun!

eRepublik recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary in style with a players summit that gathered 350 players from around the world in Bucharest. The summit was also followed by over 14.000 players via a live streaming supplied by one of the players! You can see more details about the summit in one of the info-graphics below.

sumit infographic

And finally to celebrate our 5 years, the team came up with this other cool info-graphic comparing the new world of eRepublik with the real world. Personally what is most impressive for me is the fact that the community wrote in 5 years over 1,1 million articles. That is equivalent to 10% of the complete New York Times articles archive. The New York Times is 161 years old.

erepublik 5 year anniversary

If interested you can also see my video address to the summit attendees below. The production values have nothing to envy the famous kixeye recruitment video, we even managed to get 2 helicopters vs their 1 helicopter. just uploaded an interview that is a few weeks old, where I talk about eRepublik, social games, angry birds, having a company in Ireland and Apple.

Main points are:
– eRepublik going well, social games: 60% of social games players are women (not the case for eRepublik).
– Social games and Facebook: If you do social games make sure you are on Facebook but be careful not to have your business depend to much on one company.
– Angry birds, 45k to MVP, 75 million $ annual turnover (rumored), not bad. Practice does make perfect (Rovio developed tens of games before this one)
– Who would have said 10 or even 5 years ago that Apple would lead the way in mobile gaming!

I would just like to give special thanks to our Friends at Apple for letting eRepublik be among the first companies in the world to get iDesks. Since the roll out this morning, productivity has gone up by 20% and we have been able to always get 3 star ratings on all of the Angry Birds levels.