Archives for posts with tag: angry birds just uploaded an interview that is a few weeks old, where I talk about eRepublik, social games, angry birds, having a company in Ireland and Apple.

Main points are:
– eRepublik going well, social games: 60% of social games players are women (not the case for eRepublik).
– Social games and Facebook: If you do social games make sure you are on Facebook but be careful not to have your business depend to much on one company.
– Angry birds, 45k to MVP, 75 million $ annual turnover (rumored), not bad. Practice does make perfect (Rovio developed tens of games before this one)
– Who would have said 10 or even 5 years ago that Apple would lead the way in mobile gaming!

I would just like to give special thanks to our Friends at Apple for letting eRepublik be among the first companies in the world to get iDesks. Since the roll out this morning, productivity has gone up by 20% and we have been able to always get 3 star ratings on all of the Angry Birds levels.