A good friend Antonio developed this app for the iphone after I had a fun chat at a dinner with my other friend Micha to come up with the idea together. 

Its called “isaycheese” and Antonio asked me to help him spread the word. Its a really simple app that was developed in a few days and allows you to select a fun sound (like i say cheese or patata etc.) just before you make a picture.

It also has a useful crop feature (its a little hidden, he should improve that). 

Its actually fun and pretty useful, especially if you have a daughter like me that keeps moving or not looking at the camera when you try to make a picture of her.

Anyway its one of the apps I use the most frequently since I’ve downloaded it (and I’ve downloaded a lot).

Really nice to see how an idea can still become a cool product in just a few days. You can find out more details on it and download the app here  

You can also find it in the itunes appstore directly from your iphone, just search for isaycheese or if you are reading this on your iphone click this link

Oh and if you like it and can spare a moment to leave a review and spread the word… It think that would be much appreciated :o)

There I’ve done my good deed for the day, lunch break post over.