Is the title of a 1 page article we had on Expansion, Spain’s leading economical newspaper.The article by M. Prieto is really good as she really understands what we are doing. She doesn´t fall in the trap of comparing say, WoW a game that took:

  • 5 years to devellop,
  •  over 100 people team 
  • and 45 million € spend before launch 

with eRepublik V1, that had:

  • 9 months development (18 months if you count beta), 
  • less than 1 million dollars budget 
  • and a team of about 12 people to get to launch. 

She also understood and explains well the reverse approach we take to designing a game and its advantages vs traditional game development as well as the potential revolutionary impact the web can have on the industry. The article is in Spanish, it was in the print version and I can’t find it online so you can find a link to a flickr of the print version here but please let me know if you find it online so I can update.
Erepublik - Expansion 26-12-2008