I was invited last week by the legal firm Biris & Goran that helped me in parts of the eRepublik Series A round to talk at an event: “IT Start Up How To” they held at the Novotel in Bucharest.The event was very well organized with interesting questions from the audience. eRepublik was out in force amongst the speakers as one of our angels: Alexandre Almajeanu as well as Guillaume Lautour the Partner at AGF PE that is on the eRepublik board also made presentations.Guillaume’s presentation was very clear in terms of what European VC’s look for in their investments and I would recommend you check it out. Guillaume’s explanation of all the incentives built by the French government to help private individuals invest in start ups was particularly insightful and I hope somebody who could make some of these things become a reality in Romania was listening 🙂Ana Maria Andronic from Biris & Goran had an interesting presentation concentrating in particular on IP and copyright giving loads of useful free advice and Vlad Stan a local angel that started seedmoney got a few laughs from the audience with his YES presentation but not as many as Alexandre Almajeanu with his creative use of picture in his presentation, including spiders and the Eiffel Tower.Big thanks to Christian Mindru and Dan Visoiu from Biris & Goran for putting this great event together.Ps: You can find my slides below and all of the other presentations are available on the Biris & Goran website here:

Building Upon An Idea

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