A few days late, I felt I should write a few words since only five months after celebrating its first anniversary, the New World has reached the 100,000 active citizens mark (active citizens visit the site on average at least once every 48 hours), gathering together players from almost 200 countries.

eRepublik also celebrates its first 500 days today if we include the private beta period and over this time, eRepublik citizens have created more than 11,000 companies and over 28,000 newspapers.  There are 51 countries available in eRepublik, the most populated countries today are the US, Indonesia, Romania, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Croatia and Spain.

In March of 2009, http://www.erepublik.com received over 2.5 million visits and 66 million page views. In addition, during March, citizens spent a total of 38 million minutes navigating the eRepublik world.

These are the simple facts, eRepublik is clearly taking off and I wanted to take this occasion to thank again the citizens as well as the eRepublik team who is working super hard to build a great product.

There are many improvements that we need to make over the next few months to make the eRepublik experience better (citizenship I know), but its nice to take a moment to just say…. not bad :o)

Back to work now!